Why should we celebrate birthdays?

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I have clear memories of my birthdays when I was a child. The night before the special day, a single thought of it would spark my imagination. What clothes will I wear tomorrow? How will my family and friends greet me? Who will come for dinner? Each of these scenes would make me feel happy.

I looked forward to each birthday on and on before something happened- I have grown up. That magical inspiration at night before the event, began to fade. Gathering with close people became a rare occasion in exchange for a dull rest. Noticing that I lost the meaning of celebrating, I questioned: what changed?

I searched inside myself. I discovered that being busy performing at work, raising kids and poorly managing time were the excuses I hid myself behind. Through this mindful journey, I realized it was the lack of effort which caused me not wanting to celebrate.

Today marks the day when I was born 32 years ago. Like every human, I was given life by my father and mother. They were near me every time I was asleep and awake, crying and laughing. Since my birth, my parents never forgot to celebrate it with me. Then how could I refuse to commemorate the day I was given to live?

After waking up and seeing numerous messages amid the pandemic, I felt grateful for what I have, more than ever before. My family, friends and colleagues. People from all around the world took time to think of me and send their best wishes. I decided. I will celebrate. My birthday wish today is to have everyone join in my effort.




Talent acquisition. Passionate to help people through coaching and self development.

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Andrey Pak

Andrey Pak

Talent acquisition. Passionate to help people through coaching and self development.

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